Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Create Straight Table in Qlikview to display Account Receivable Outstanding Amount

In my last blog posting , I showed in Qlikview, how to load data from the Lawson M3(Movex) system using the sales ledger table FSLEDG and customer master table OCUSMA. Once the data is load and saved in the Qlikview document, we can use the data to display in different Qlikview objects like table,list or charts. We will create a simple Straight table object to display the data.

In the worksheet right click on the mouse button to bring the popup context menu, and click on New Sheet Object –> Chart to bring the Chart object designer as shown below.

Object 1

Type Outstanding Amount in the Window Title Text Box, and select the straight table in the chart type (last icon on second row) .

Click Next button to bring the next window Dimensions. Here we can select the Dimension fields to be displayed in the straight table. Highlight the required fields in the Available Fields/Group box, and click Add. The highlighted fields will be moved into the Used Dimension box.


Object 2


Click the next button to bring the Expression Window and will display a popup window Edit Expression. Type Sum(OutStandingAmount)  in the box and click OK button . Here we are adding the out standing amount to be displayed.


Object 3


Type Outstanding Amount in the Label box.

Object 3-2


Click the next buttons and we will accept defaults in the Sort, Presentation and Visual Cues,Style windows.

On the number windows, select Money for Number Format Setting as shown below.

Object 4

Click on the Finish button to complete and the straight table will be displayed with the dimension fields and the calculated amount fields.Object 5


Anonymous said...

Hi Shiva

Thanks for the instruction, works excellent! I wonder if you have an idea how to select open AR per a given date, open AR is often extracted a couple of days after the month end?



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